Continuous Mixers

Welcome to Continuous Mixers Australia

Continuous Mixers Australia is a family owned and operated business, specialising in the aggregate and soil stabilisation industry, using the latest technology mobile Pugmill units.

With over twenty years of knowledge and expertise in the Pavement and Stabilisation Industry, throughout Australia and the world, we are able to provide time-efficient solutions to meet individual client needs.

Continuous Mixers Australia (CMA) Pugmills are today’s (2011) technology, employing the latest in computerised operating systems, incorporating fully automatic mixing with a manual backup, with all ingredients metered and controlled to exacting tolerances and with a high output of 400 tons per hour. CMA Pugmills comply to Australian and EU pollution regulations and are ADR compliant.

CMA believes in “On Budget and on Time” and are flexible to ensure clients’ program milestones are met. CMA welcomes all enquiries, whether it is for technical input or pricing requests.